Top 6 Social Media Management Tools for 2019

Top 6 Social Media Management Tools for 2019

Top 6 Social Media Management Tools for 2019 6000 4000 James C.

“The first rule of management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t.” – Anthea Turner.

Social media management is portrayed to be a complex and chaotic way to promote your business… In reality, it’s actually quite simple. Want to know our secret? Keep reading…

For effective social media management, you need to make use of the right tools! There are so many new apps out there that can transform your images, create easy but stunning templates and not cost a cent! However we understand that selecting the appropriate social media management tools can be a bit daunting and overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the platforms.

Below we have listed our recommended top tools for management of online interactions as well as for managing your social media content. Lets rock and roll!



Graphic design and photo editing are great tools for helping you increase your social media content interactions. Professional imagery will capture your audiences attention and with an intriguing enough caption, they will engage. Canva is a graphics design tool that is loaded with plenty of easy-to-use features. With Canva, social media managers can consistently (and easily) design stunning graphics using the drag and drop feature.

Canva offers social media managers the following:

  • Access to millions of stock photos, vectors, and illustrations
  • Photo filters for editing images
  • Access to free icons and shapes
  • A great selection of fonts for every design

Simply put, Canva is a great tool for enhancing your social media content marketing campaigns while producing engaging content. Try out Canva today for the best social media content that maximizes your conversions.



To ensure maximum post engagement as well as visibility, you need to post at the most appropriate time. That is when your target audiences are online. Thus, you need a post planner to take full advantage of this. Here is where Planoly creates the difference.

Planoly allows you to safely schedule and auto-post your content on Instagram. Trusted by millions of brands and businesses, the visual social media planner allows you to arrange your business Instagram feed using their simple to use tools.

With Planoly, every business can:

  • Schedule and auto-post their feed as well as their story
  • Draft multiple grids prior to planning
  • Draft captions

Planoly also allows users to discover, curate and re-post content while tracking the analytics to understand what worked and what didn’t.

Join leading brands using Planoly to schedule their Instagram posts!


Today’s businesses are looking to maintaining an active social media presence across all the major platforms. For social media managers, trying to manage all these accounts feel overwhelming. With HootSuite, it is easy to handle multiple accounts with the ability for post scheduling across the major platforms. In addition, HootSuite lets you add account managers

HootSuite comes with various applications and robust content features as well. Some of the features that come with Hootsuite include:


  • Social media monitoring allowing you to follow the topics that matter
  • Post scheduling saving you time while maintaining an active social media presence.
  • Content curation hence you can find, manage and share compelling social media content
  • Comes with Team Management feature


Hootsuite is a tool that is designed to let you manage all your social media in just one platform.



Formerly known as Schedugram, this is a social media management tool that has been designed to ensure businesses achieve high social media engagement. It is a platform that has been designed to enable you to create, store, find as well as manage your online content.

You probably already know that posting content can become a time waster, and if not well planned, you might start getting low engagements online. This is as a result of missing important posts due to poor scheduling. With Sked social, business owners can effectively schedule content posting ensuring your social media audiences are engaged.

Some of the features available with Sked Social include:

  • Post Scheduling with the ability to post everywhere
  • Team collaboration with support for multiple accounts
  • Perfect photo editing ensuring uniformity across social media platforms
  • Post queuing
  • Comes with social media calendar for better planning
  • Post templates

With Sked Social, you can plan your core content in advance. The social calendar feature allows you to take note of upcoming events.



Social listening is another important strategy when it comes to social media management. With mentionlytics, you get to discover potential leads, while monitoring what your followers, general social media users, and competitors are saying online. Mentionlytics allows you to monitor your brand mentions on different social media platforms as well as on blogs.

This means that you can reply to customer tweets, keep track of user-generated content as well as understand how well your customers like the services. In other words, mentionlytics allows you to manage social media crisis effectively by letting you keep track of customer comments and other online mentions. Some of the features you can enjoy on Mentionlytics include:

  • Discover what is being said about your brand online
  • Find and chase potential leads
  • Identify top mentioners
  • Intelligent Social Media Monitoring tool

With Mentionlytics, you can effectively manage customer concerns before they explode creating a social media crisis.



Are you looking for a social media management tool that lets you schedule posts, and gives you the ability to analyze the post-performance? Buffer is the ultimate tool that lets you manage all your social media accounts from the same place. In addition, you are able to find out which strategies are working and quit those that are not working. This is through the analytics feature included with Buffer.

By using Buffer for social media management, you will have the ability to schedule posts. In addition, you can publish the posts automatically and within the appropriate posting schedule ensuring an engaged audience. The ability to review the posts lets you strategize your campaigns.

Basically, buffer lets you:

  • Schedule social media posts
  • Analyze your social media posts hence allowing you to know what works well
  • Manage all social media accounts from a centralized platform
  • Allows you to add multiple team members enabling you to collaborate

With Buffer, you can publish social media posts automatically, reply to customer comments, and analyze the post for performance, all from one product.


Social media management involves monitoring and participating in social conversations while keeping track of the post for performance. To effectively achieve this goal, we have listed the top social media management tools that suit your business.  An effective tool lets you monitor online conversations, allow you to track your posts performance while letting you take part in those conversations.