Three Strategies for Social Media Engagement

Three Strategies for Social Media Engagement

Three Strategies for Social Media Engagement 2160 875 Samantha Goldsmith

“Monitor, engage, and be transparent; these have always been the keys to success in the digital space.” 

-Dallas Lawrence, Levick Strategic Communications-

Social media engagement is a constantly evolving world and more than just posts on a page. While it can be overwhelming, be assured that there are strategies that can simplify the process. Strategies that can create effective, vibrant, and engaging social media pages! 

We’ve all been there, you create an amazing piece of content, one that you think people will love! You post it and … nothing happens, it’s like a lead balloon. We don’t reach the people we intended to and, we have no new leads. 

We are going to let you in on three key strategies, that every business should be aware when using social media: 

Know you audience: 

Every business should understand who their target audience is before sharing any content. Content shared without an intended audience, is never going to bring potential leads. 

Drill down on the intended individual you want to reach and do this well. Understand them, understand what motivates them, what interests them, and what they enjoy. 

This doesn’t mean you limit your potential reach, it simply means the content is reaching the intended client. The person who is more likely to buy from you! 

So, let me ask you two questions – who are you trying to reach, and who will benefit most from your content? 

Know when to post: 

This is one of the most important strategies to understand when using social media. When are people looking at social media, and when are people likely to view content? 

Social media is a global community that never sleeps, that’s true! Providing the ability to reach people anywhere, anytime but … do you know when your intended client is using social media? 

There is no use posting content at 11pm, when your intended customer is asleep. While you may reach people overseas let me ask you – are these people realistically going to buy from you? 

Give value: 

How often do you aimlessly scroll through social media? Our clients are no different! People will generally scroll past and disregard posts unless, you ADD some kind of value. 

Create content that gives something back! Don’t just make It about you! 

What will the client receive by buying your product or service? Why not provide them with a snippet of that – the first chapter of an e-book; enticing them to buy the rest of the book. 

In todays world, businesses need to be providing value adding content! With the marketplace flooded, what makes you special! What makes you different? 

Effective social media use requires knowledge and research, it’s more than just posting when you feel like it or have time! Do you want to create an effective, vibrant, and engaging social media page; one that clients are drawn to this year? Why not test these strategies, and watch engagement grow!


Written by guest contributor – Madeleine Lauridsen