Logo Design – Why you need a professional!

Logo Design – Why you need a professional!

Logo Design – Why you need a professional! 2160 1440 James C.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!”

-Milton Glaser

As a small business owner, you may be tempted to cut costs on your initial logo design. However, consulting a professional and investing in your branding and logo at the very beginning will be beneficial to your business. Quality graphic design is not an easy task if you don’t consult a trained and experienced professional. A good designer will know who your competitors are and the best way to convey your message to clients, as well as allow your existing and future clients to associate your logo with your business and have it leave a lasting impression with them (they will recognise your logo before reading your business name). Graphic designers will use professional software and equipment to create unique quality designs that are easily transferred onto products and into your website.

1. First impressions matter

No matter what we would like to believe a book is usually judged by its cover. Your logo is the first thing a client sees and could be the difference in them choosing you over your competitors. Before they know your product, service or even cost clients will judge you purely on your branding. First impressions are often long-lasting and will set the benchmark for the future of your business. A professional designer will always be up to date on what is on trend and what will catch the eye of your target market. An expert will create a brand for you that will support your business message at just a glance. You really do only get one chance to make a good impression.

2. A high-quality logo will be associated with a high-quality service or product

The foundation of your business is your logo and the message it sends to potential clients. You may be tempted to have a go yourself or go with a cheaper alternative to save on costs but in the long run, this will more than likely cost you valuable customers, business and money. Buyers will be drawn to clean, sharp and unique images that your designer will easily create for you. Your image is your promise to the client and you want to promise them a quality service. Your branding fully represents your business and if your logo looks cheap then chances are the consumer will assume your products are too. This is an investment in your future and an investment in you.


Aspire Holmview Logo Design

Logo created for Aspire Holmview

3. You want to stand out from your competitors

Most business ideas will encounter thousands of competitors looking to excel in the same field. When a customer chooses your logo they choose you! Designers will do extensive research to see what else is out there to come up with something purely unique and exciting to represent your brand. Your logo design should inspire curiosity, admiration and trust. Designers are expert in including subtle elements in your brand that will arouse these feelings in your base client and will work closely by your side to create something you can be really proud of. Everyone associates businesses with their logos and creating awareness of your brand starts with your graphics. Give yourself an extra edge and advantage by working with a design professional and create something that’s impossible to ignore.

4. It will save you valuable time

Whether you’re just starting up or a business looking to rebrand, hiring a professional for your logo design will have your project up and running in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself. You can use your valuable time to focus on building your product base and bettering your services as the designer works with your ideas to bring your dream to life. Benjamin Franklin is credited with being the first to say that “Time is money” and he was so very right. Time lost is money lost. Your most important resource is time and as a business owner, you need to make the most of every precious second. Let a professional take care of the long hours of research and design for you.

5. Look professional and stay consistent

Everything you do in your business reflects your brand so it’s important to convey the message you want and keep things professional across all of your business branding, including your logo design. You want your clients to know that you are going to provide a quality service and an expertly designed logo will gain their trust right from the start. Your branding should stay consistent across the board including your logo, stationary and signs. You want to create a reputation for yourself. Your designer has all the equipment and skills to keep everything looking sharp and polished. A consistent and strategic design will add value to your products and services. Consumers will more readily pay for a professional looking brand. Your logo will be ready to use in different media and will not lose quality or clarity when used in different sizes and across different products.

Build your business and your dream from the ground up and set yourself up for success.

A flat layout of David Sowden Vocal Studio's business card.A flat layout of DCVocalStudios business card.

Trust the experts and let them take the hard work out of creating your logo design with your vision mind. If you want to challenge your competitors and turn browsers into buyers then you MUST see the value of hiring a professional. Designing and developing your brand can be a hard and time-consuming task, your designer will lift and erase the stress of this process. You deserve the absolute best and so does your business.